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 Ave Maria Fan Club Interview

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PostSubject: Ave Maria Fan Club Interview   Sun May 08, 2016 1:35 pm

Interviewed by several members of Winter Storm USA. Here you go!

1. Jody: Will there be another classical album recorded?

I am very busy in my career and with my activities with music at the moment, but I would love to make another classical recording in the future. Why not?

2. Roe: I am interested in the title of the album as the translation I looked up means "outdoors". What made you come up with that title?

The church “Lakeuden Risti” where the album was recorded is called in English “The church of the plain”. This was the ispiration for the title of the album.

3. Chris: I understand that you always enjoyed Ave Marias, but why an entire album dedicated to different versions? Why not add some other classical pieces in there such as Rigoletto, Puccini, etc?

The idea to record this album was born already many years ago with the help and support of organist Kalevi Kiviniemi. He was suggesting me to record this kind of album, because he, among my audiences in my classical concerts have always deeply appreciated me singing Ave Marias.

I have always loved singing Ave Maria’s since I started taking lyrical singing lessons. I think my voice sounds as it’s best in chamber music and that’s the music style what I have been mostly studying as a lyrical singer. NOT OPERA! Through years I had almost always included Ave Maria songs in my traditional Christmas concert programs, so I decided to write one on my own few years ago for my forthcoming tour and this Ave Maria is included on the album as well. I love all the composers you mentioned in your question, but as I don’t feel my voice suits well enough for opera, I decided to record an album that really shows what I can do with my voice within chamber music genre.

4. Steve: Which was your favourite Ave Maria to perform?

The Ave Marias on this record are my favourite ones in general, but to mention only one would be Saint Saens’ Ave Maria. It is a beautiful one.

5. Jess: Will you ever record in a church setting again?

I don’t have any concrete plans for such recording, but I’ll never know where I will find myself in the future.

6. Hanna: What does Ave Maria mean to you, personally?

If you mean it’s religious meaning, it doesn’t represent my religion being Lutheran. I am not a religious person myself and the reason for this recording was purely a musical one.

7. Ann: You mentioned that you worked the design ideas for the dress in the photos. Have you ever thought about coming out with your own clothing line?

I surely would love that kind of challenge. I have been talking about it with my clothes sponsor Nordenfeldt, so hopefully I can come up with my own line in the near future.

8. Sarah: Why not incorporate one of the versions to your rock concerts? It would be a nice addition.

These songs are very different with their mood and style and even with the way I am performing/singing the songs if you compare my way of singing in my rock concerts. It is very challenging to swift from one style of singing to another one during one event. I have done so several times in the projects like “Beauty and The Beat” or in other classical concerts, but I don’t see Ave Marias have anything to do with my rock career and performances. They have a life on their own.

9. Rebecca: In regards to your own version, did you run into any negativity or criticisms with it or any doubts from yourself, fans, friends and/or family?

Actually I have only received great and very positive reviews from important music media including other press, so I cannot really say I have been receiving negative criticism about my work with Ave Marias. What is very real is that you cannot please everybody with everything you do, so there will always be somebody who doesn’t like what I do. Especially with this type of a recording being so different from the ones that I usually release. But I don’t mind about haters in general, because I can be happy about the outcome of my first classical album. My friends and family have always been only supportive and with their support I feel stronger.

10. Jonny: I read in a recent interview about ave maria that you no longer follow church teachings and I was just curious as to why? Being a christian lady in the metal world is what drove me to you, but from the answer you gave you still are. Do you just turn away from the corruption that has happened in many churches nowadays?

I have never really been a religious person, but more like a spiritual one instead. My mother used to teach me a prayer to go to sleep, but we didn’t go to the church every Sunday. Only for Christmas mainly. This has nothing to do with the corruption or anything like that, but in my family, the church was not playing a big role. I was studying church music in the Music University, because I felt it was something that always moved me one way or another. The reason to record this album as well, was purely musical one. Ave Marias are beautiful pieces of music and I have always felt great in singing them.


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PostSubject: Re: Ave Maria Fan Club Interview   Sun May 15, 2016 11:50 am

Good job people. Good questions and very informative responses from Tarja. Bravo! Thanks.

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Ave Maria Fan Club Interview
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