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 "The Brightest Void" Album Details

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Post"The Brightest Void" Album Details

Pre-Order Now!

While waiting for August 5th and the release of Tarja’s new album “The Shadow Self”, the queen of heavy rock has yet another surprise for her fans: 
Tarja and earMUSIC proudly announce the release of the new album’s prequel “The Brightest Void”. With over 50 minutes of new music, the extra album will sweeten the wait until August!

Tarja explains:
“Surprise, surprise! I genuinely hope that ‘The Brightest Void’ is a pleasant surprise to each and every one of you. During the long process of recording the songs for my new studio album ‘The Shadow Self’, I realised that there were so many tracks, too many too dear to me, for just one album. So this time I decided to keep nothing for myself and to share all my favourite new songs with you, the fans, who have shown such passionate and constant support.
‘The Brightest Void’ gives more than a first taste of ‘The Shadow Self’; it is a full album filled with 9 songs! I am sure that everyone will immediately discover how much ‘The Brightest Void’ and ‘The Shadow Self’ are entwined with each other but, at the same time, are two independent records which stand on their own. I hope the release of the prequel sweetens the wait until August and that you will like the songs as much as I do. I will present songs from both albums already in summer festivals and in my headliner tour later this year.

As always, keep your eyes open. There might be further surprises down the road.”

The Brightest Void” will be released on June 3rd, 2016 on earMUSIC as 1CD Digipak, 1LP+Download Code and Digital. The specially priced prequel to Tarja’s upcoming studio album “The Shadow Self” will be available for physical and digital pre-order starting on April 8th, 2016.

The Brightest Void” features not one but three incredible guest artists: fellow Finnish star Michael Monroe, icon of the glam rock scene and former front man of inspiring band Hanoi Rocks; Chad Smith (who doesn’t need any further introduction) and a new mix of Within Temptation’s collaboration “Paradise (What about us)” carried out with Tarja and world renowned sound engineer and producer Tim Palmer. The prequel presents Tarja’s new single “No Bitter End” as the album opener and furthermore shakes you with an incredible cover of Sir Paul McCartney’s overlooked gem “House Of Wax” and adds a new twist to Dame Shirley Basseys’ James Bond main theme hit “Goldfinger”.

Tracklist “The Brightest Void”
1. No Bitter End -Video Clip Version-
2. Your Heaven And Your Hell -with Michael Monroe-
3. Eagle Eye -with Chad Smith on drums-
4. An Empty Dream  
5. Witch Hunt 
6. Shameless 
7. House of Wax
8. Goldfinger
9. Paradise (What About Us) -New Mix of the collaboration with Within Temptation and Tarja- 


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"The Brightest Void" Album Details :: Comments

Re: "The Brightest Void" Album Details
Post on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:19 pm by beekay
The CD is listed with a price and available for pre-order but the Vinyl is still not available yet. I want to preorder them together and save on shipping charges.....Sad
Re: "The Brightest Void" Album Details
Post on Thu Apr 14, 2016 12:27 pm by Jessica
The price for vinyl is now up. Got mine pre-ordered.
Re: "The Brightest Void" Album Details
Post on Wed Jun 01, 2016 12:57 pm by Ligeia Noire
Listened to it and going to pick my physical copy Saturday!!! But I am so excited that I wanted to write some lines about it.  It was a complete surprise, super different from what I was expecting after NBE. Nothing like it or just metal for the sake of metal, plenty of innovation. An Empty Dream is one of my favourite songs from her and even though this version cannot surpass the original, it is still awesome, it keeps the eerie and dark vibe with added electronic elements. Guess she was really looking for it, at least for the prequel because Witch Hunt sounds like a soundtrack to resident evil as someone wrote on fb. Anyway, it is fresh and different. Paradise though it is a bit obsolete there I thought she was going to change it a bit more but the song is still passable. Love Goldfinger, it is an absolute gorgeous version but she could have sang it in a more effortless way, tarja does not strain but somehow it looks like she is not comfortable with the light voice. I was expecting her to resort to chest voice but it is that transition that she does, that way of not using her classical technique but also not her chest voice that results in a not so good result....But I love the cover and live she nailed it a few times. Shameless and Eagle Eye are amazing, powerful in their own way, Julian does a great job it is a very catchy rock tune, while Eagle Eye is being claimed as everyone's favourite. Toni sounds beautifully and the lyrics are quite good but for me House of Wax takes the cake. At first I didn't even know it was a cover and then someone told me and damn an original from Paul McCartney which I cannot stand but bloody hell it just stroke me as a lightning, the way she phrases all the words, her chest voice, her chest voice is just absolutely stunning, deep, dark, piercing. That was what I was expecting in Goldfinger but she didn't dare, unfortunately. Then they included all these elements and melancholic vibe. It is without a doubt one of my favourite songs from her entire career, just like Darkness, this songs shines with her. I lost count to how many times I have listened to it..... Your Heaven and Your Hell, my favourite after House of Wax, it is just how I see Tarja now, heavy but a tongue in cheek heavy, with groove and new instruments, daring way of singing, bold lyrics, by the middle when the wild west vibe comes I am like damn sister you nailed it, you just stepped out of your comfort zone for good. So yeah as an EP full of covers and re recordings this was a complete and utterly surprise. from her acapella singing in witch hunt to the saxophone and dark ambient electronics, I am afraid TSS will give me a heart attack.

"The Brightest Void" Album Details

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