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 Fanclub Review

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PostSubject: Fanclub Review   Fri Jul 24, 2015 11:14 pm

Winter Storm USA Fanclub/Done by Titania
First Impressions

  • My first impressions for your was quite good. The banner in place is cute and professional! I do really love it! But, I noticed that the navigation bar doesn't match well with the topic as well as the theme. When I scrolled down, I noticed that I was in a portal. Not all forums have a portal and only a few has one. I was very surprised to see it! I love the fact that your portal summarizes the rules and gives the newest topics in your forum! Your portal also provides videos of Tarja which is probably the best! It also provides other links and pages connected to Tarja, which is good. By one look, I can tell you forum is very friendly! Well done! All in all, I must say your forum has a good potential to being one of the most popular forums that focuses on fan clubs.

General Forum Appearance

  • Once I arrived in your forum, I noticed a personalized, cute, and professional banner. Right below it is a navigation bar. For my eyes, it doesn't match well with the theme of your forum as well as the topic. Since I believe that your forum is a fan club for Tarja who is a singer, microphones, notes, or clefs will fit it well as long as it has the color of yellow or green to match the banner. I recommend you add a hover effect to them. When I scrolled down, I noticed forum icons which doesn't match the theme as well. There are these noticeable white spots around the icons which are round, and they are commonly use at a lot of FM forums. I recommend you make it a picture of the forum members' idolized signer, Tarja, with a yellow or green background to match the banner. For the Locked, however, it can be gray. Once I entered a forum, I noticed that the link has hover effects. I suggest that when users hover over a particular forum or topic, the whole table row in which the link is placed will change to a lighter color. Inside a forum, I had seen images for the buttons and icons that don't match with the theme. Since the theme is dark, the white spots around them are very visible. I recommend you change it, but that is just my recommendation. If you do want to change them, you are free to request graphics for your forum here in the graphic section of support forum. The theme of your forum is dark, which matches the topic of your forum. I love the background you had added! It's so pretty! All in all, I think the design of your forum is good but there are images to be changed, mainly to match the topic as well as the dark theme.

Forum Activity

  • The members' activity in your forum is quite good. There are many posts and users who had registered in your forum. Though, I believe that there is always a room for improvement. There are no new posts posted today, and only a few number of forums has posts posted yesterday. Like I said in another review, the posts in each forum are what I believe is a big factor that affects the activity. If there are no new posts posted at least each week, I believe it will be a big factor that will turn the guests down. I think you should organize contests and forum games to increase the activity of the members in your forum. A contest that focuses on a song members will make for Tarja might work! All in all, I believe that your forum has quite a large activity and this could always be improved to make you forum larger and more popular!

Staff & Usergroups

  • At the bottom of the forum, I'd seen two groups—one the Administrators group, the other is the Moderators group. But, when I was about to click it, I cannot enter the group page. This might be a bug from my gadget that made it un-clickable. So, I went to the main group page but no group ever existed. I somehow (I found a way to enter it) viewed the first group—President group. I do believe it can be hidden, as for the fact that there is only one president. I then went to a profile of a moderator of a specific forum, and found out he was a reviewer just because of the rank image. I believe you should add a Moderators group as well as a Reviewers group and make it visible for guests as well as members. It will help them to know who is whom and what is their position in your forum. That is just a suggestion though, you may do it or not according to your personal reasons. All in all, I do believe that there should be groups in your forum visible for guests as well as members—whether it's a group of staff or a group of members who has access to hidden forums because of their activity.

Forum Originality

  • I have never seen any forum with the same topic as yours, in fact it is the first time I've ever seen one! Great job!

Forum Layout & Organization

  • The layout of that forum of yours is good. Though, I believe that the Fanclub should always be the first in line, then the Discussions. I believe that there should always be more discussion in Music than "Self-explanatory, lol," but that is just my recommendation. Once again, good job!

Grammar & Spelling

  • There are no grammar nor spelling mistakes I noticed, just one. I believe that 'lol' should be 'LOL,' as it is an abbreviation. But that doesn't matter as children nowadays uses lowercased letters to abbreviate words and phrases. Another good job for your forum!

Average Review Score: 8.7
Very good!
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Fanclub Review
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