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 Fan Club Rules

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PostSubject: Fan Club Rules   Sat May 11, 2013 11:06 pm

Fan Club Rules

  • All members must respect each other and all staff.

  • Please contact one of the admins if you have any problems.

  • To enter our contests or to be chosen for give-aways you must be a USA fan club member. Click and Register!

  • Do not use big avatars or signatures please.

  • Do not upload, link, nor ask anyone to any pirated material. You will be banned.

  • Do not post any viruses, spam, pornography and such. Again, you will be banned.

  • Read our [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for more information!

  • Most of all have fun, invite, and feel free to create topics. Smile

On copyright Infringement

-Sound Recording Rights-

There are several copyrights that an individual, group of people and/or a company may have in a song. One copyright is in the sound recording of a song. Those who perform a song and record it have a copyright in their sound recording. If you post their sound recording online without asking their permission, they can sue you for copyright infringement.

 -Publishing Rights-

The person or people who wrote the song also have a copyright in the song. Anytime the song's lyrics and/or musical notes are reproduced, it is necessary to ask permission of the writer(s) and/or composer(s). If you do not ask for and receive permission to post the song online from the song's composer(s), you can be sued for copyright infringement. It is important to note that the person who holds the copyright to the lyrics and/or musical notes of a song may be different from the person who holds the copyright to the sound recording that you wish to post online. Often composers and performers of songs are different people. You must seek the permission of every copyright holder in order to post a copyrighted song online legally.


It is possible to post copyrighted songs online if you receive permission from the copyright holder(s). If there are multiple copyright holders for one song, you must contact each copyright holder to obtain permission. Sometimes copyright holders will be willing to enter into licensing agreements, under which they grant permission for others to use their songs in certain, specified ways. Often copyright holders will charge fees for use of their licensed songs. If you are denied permission to post a copyrighted song online and you do so anyway, you may be sued for copyright infringement.

-Beyoncé sues Swedish Man for leak-

Don’t even think about messing with Queen Bey, because it’ll most definitely cost you!!

Back in June of 2011, Beyoncé released her album 4, but it had already been leaked online 16 days beforehand!

Now Sony Music has filed a lawsuit against a Swedish man who they believe uploaded it to The Pirate Bay, a torrent website!

So, just how much are they seeking in damages??

The papers filed say Sony is suing for $233,000, for not only leaking the album, but damaging their relationship with Bey and taking a toll on her own reputation, as well!

The man, who’s currently not being named, is believed to have gotten his hands on 4 in advance through some music industry connections of his!

Guess this should be taken as a warning for the other music pirates out there!

We hope this doesn't happen again with Beyoncé’s upcoming album that she’s working on… as much as we can't wait to hear it!


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Fan Club Rules
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