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 "Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening

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Post"Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening

Written by Simona Mihalca

So guess who went to the pre-listening of Tarja’s new album (to be released in August). ME <3 right. As Marcelo said it, only the record company listened the album and not even the musicians so we were first and foremost. Marcelo told us to write something about each song and give a feedback so I felt really stupid about that…like how can you expect me to give an opinion on Tarja’s album? And maybe she will read it? Seriously?

Man, that album blew my mind. You all know I love Tarja so I expected something great, but this was just over-achieving.

So here’s a summary:
Track 1: KILLER,KILLER Victim of Ritual (because only I could tell Marc elo I love Killer,killer and that isn’t the title of the song =)) though I didn’t like killer killer as a title, but epic fail for me once again)

This is my favourite song. Maybe it’s not the most unexpected song or the most complex but it is amazing and catchy and just so great. I want this to be the first single.

It begins with sort of a march/anthem -intro, which I love. It is so complex and I love that it’s not just the same instrumental again and again, but it keeps surprising you.

And she’s a killer, killer. (Tarja is, indeed). That is so catchy and a tiny bit poppy kind of thing and awesome.

Track 2: 500 letters
“500 letter for a stranger in my door”. “why do you love me? why do you want to have me?”
it’s got the typical constant drum rhythm . it’s very personal. over-all not one of my favourite but has some god-smackingly-glorious parts.

And it’s got a whispered end something like he had a letter next to him…(I don’t remember)

Track 3: Lucid Dreamer
now this is a weird song. It began singing something about “Gloria” and that was like half a song, and after that it turned into lucid dreamer… that was a bit strange. But we have to listen more times to every song on this album.

It’s got this grave dark kind of intro. it suggested a crypt to me. But the song showcases her voice perfectly. I mean the things she can do with her voice. just wow.

There are some interesting instruments here and weird sounds, which I liked.After about half of the song it sounds like a soundtrack to an epic journey. I can almost imagine the hobbit on it,
“you can do anything, you can go anywhere”

Track 4: Never Enough
Well, we all know the song, but as she said it, it is way harder. And it sounds great, it needed this, but there are parts where I liked the live version better.

Track 5:this is a sort of song of the sea. I don’t know how it’s called. It begins with tarja saying “welcome to my mystical world” and something like that where she welcomes you and she seems like a goddess or something. Truly amazing vocal lines here. Though I couldn’t really distinguish the lyrics.

Track 6:It stards with a hard intro and tarja talks a bit and then the song starts for real. It goes something like ” I am free…” “I am scared of being undermined” “I have my fears but they do not have me” “The deeper I get, the harder it gets”. “The monster I was lies curled up on the floor”. It’s obviously a very personal song with extremely poweful lyrics and Tarja has some effect on her voice I found very delain-ish, making her voice a bit lower and a bit metalical. Amazing.

Track 7:It has a distinct cello part and this kind of epic crescendo. A great combination of her voice and instrumental. It’s a long song and yet again so complex it seems like you begin with a song and end with another. There were some parts I did not like and I was ready to say this was my least favourite but man, the ending proved me wrong.

Track 8: This is our heavy candy. It’s almost power metal in the intro and the whole song is so hard. It just makes you wanna headbang and go crazy. It’s gonna be a hit at festivals. This is unlike anything she’s had before. pure rock. I mean it has symphonic parts, but this is heavy and rock and metal and awesome “Don’t let my inside fall apart”

Track 9: This is extremely melodical and dramatic. It gives me a feeling of swirling around like a little diva with tarja’s long dress and I bet it will feel amazing to sing live. “Goodbye! I know my love will go on!” “Goodbye! I know our love will go on!”

Track 10: It has this folk parts with 1-2 seconds of hard drums and that just works. “Taste the sweet wine on my lips” Now my brain went there directly to nightwish, because it sounded like that… close enough. And then she said something about a virgin and “and I will forgive you all your sins”. Just wow. paranoid brain. but it is a masterful composition.

As, you might have noticed, Into the Sun is not on the album.

Overall it is a great album and just greater than you think. It’s so mature and Tarja falls into a style of her own and you see complex and different and many styles and a lot like a lot of work was put into it. As Marcelo said, every song needs to be listened to more times because everyone has this little things and is so great and you need to pay attention. However, I must say that there were parts when I got a feeling like I was listening to Nightwish, but Nightwish on Imaginaerum.



*Signature made by me*
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"Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening :: Comments

Re: "Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening
Post on Thu Aug 01, 2013 6:07 pm by Simona Mihalca
oh my god this is written by me and I have never seen that it's here =)))) I seem like the creepiest stupidest fangirl when it's taken outside of tumblr x_X
Re: "Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening
Post on Fri Aug 02, 2013 4:21 am by AnneLumi
Nice review from the pre-listening Very Happy
Re: "Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening
Post on Fri Aug 02, 2013 8:46 am by angelblossoms
aargh! The more I read about it the more impatient I get. I want this album NOW!

"Colours in the Dark" Pre-Listening

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